For Parents

Sisters Under Sail teaches confidence and leadership to teenage girls through sail training aboard a traditionally rigged tall ship. A ship at sea provides an element of unpredictability and a self-reliant atmosphere, and with our unique sailing program built exclusively for teenage girls, your daughter will be free to explore, learn and challenge herself. Our leadership program establishes a safe environment for girls to embark on a voyage of self-discovery and personal growth.

Sisters is an onboard leadership program for girls

Throughout her voyage, your daughter will be asked to focus on a set of core competencies, honing in on her leadership, teamwork and communication skills. We begin each day aboard the ship with a preliminary group exercise to get the girls thinking about one key focus for the day. Then, their days are filled with fun and challenging team-oriented activities. Your young sailor will work closely with the ship's crew to:
• Stand watch
• Steer the ship
• Set sails
• Climb the rigging
• Navigate a course
• Swab the decks

Sisters is a confidence building program for girls

Every day, we see girls amaze themselves, laughing, sweating and working hard to achieve their goals – together. And every evening, we sit down with them to reflect on the day’s experiences, so that each girl can see how her new self-discoveries relate to her life on land.

Learn more about our philosophy and our unique approach to leadership.

Sisters Under Sail is more than just a sailing program for teenage girls. It’s the adventure of a lifetime.  Over 550 parents have trusted our proven leadership approach for their daughters. And they’re grateful for the results.

"We're still hearing about the adventure of a lifetime. What did you do to that girl? I got an unsolicited, sincere, hug for no apparent reason. Emilie has a newfound sense of humor and bolstered self-confidence that we've never seen before. Whatever you did to make this transformation, Tricia and I can't thank you enough. "Sister's Under Sail" is truly an outstanding program."

Richard Cassano ~ Father
Long Island, New York

Put your daughter at the helm, and give her an experience that will stay with her forever!

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